• News 4_30_19

    News 4_30_19

    UPCOMING Exhibition: 2019
    Upcoming: Topographies of Life: Tracing the Source:
    Pam Rogers, Lynn Sures, Mel Watkin

    Curator: Jennifer Riddell

    American University Museum of Art, Katzen Center for the Arts, Washington, DC, September 3--December 15, 2019

  • News 4_15_19

    News 4_15_19

    John S. Burroughs School Collection of Contemporary Art acquires "Mighty Chrysanthemum Tree," large scale drawing on paper,
    25 feet x 38 inches

  • News 2_15_19

    News 2_15_19

    Saint Louis Art Museum acquires mapwork "Sprawl: Spore" donated by Nancy and Ken Kranzberg