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Chrysanthemum Morifolium & Family
Chrysanthemum Morifolium & Family
Drawing on graph paper
48 x 28 inches unframed

Collection of Mark Yee & Sidney Lee, Chicago

Commissioned by Yee & Lee as part of the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, 2019 Not Just Another Pretty Face exhibition (NJAPF).

The myths and benefits of chrysanthemum morifolium date back to ancient history. They are thought to absorb pollutants, have medicinal uses and attract pollinators to my large vegetable garden.

The NJAPF exhibition, my fourth, challenges me in very unique ways––very different from my normal way of working. Collaborating with a collector opens up new avenues while also being a bit nerve wracking. Since my work is very detailed, I have to be completely committed to start any new drawing, but at the same time want the NJAPF collectors to be pleased. Over many years, I have always had rewarding experiences with wonderful collectors.