ARTISTS' BOOKS & MULTIPLES > Black & Blue: Hearts and Minds: An Artist's Book, 1991

Black & Blue: Hearts and Minds––Front cover
Black & Blue: Hearts and Minds––Front cover
Heidelberg Offset press
8" x 8" x 47.5"

The Black & Blue installation series explored the mixed feelings I have about my colonial heritage. (My ancestors arrived in New England in 1620.) As a whole the series is based on "mourning cloths", a kind of sampler stitched by young women to memorialize a loved one. As a child growing up in New England my ancestry was a great source of pride. As I grew older and more informed it became a source of concern. Several years ago I began reading colonial diaries searching for an explanation for the actions of my forefathers. What I found was a very complex situation which left me in an emotional quagmire--my people were brave, foolhardy, compassionate, brutal, wise and narrow minded.