Mel Watkin
Waterworks: Waterfall$ of NYWaterworks: Waterfall$ of NY, DETAILWaterworks: KANSASWaterworks: KANSAS, DETAILWaterworks: RED SEASWaterworks: RED SEAS, DETAILWaterworks: AUTUMN RHYTHM Waterworks: AUTUMN RHYTHM, DETAILWaterworks: FROM WITHIN and FROM WITHOUTWaterworks: FROM WITHIN and FROM WITHOUT, DETAILWaterworks: WEAVEWaterworks: WEAVE, DETAILWaterworks: FRANCEWaterworks: FRANCE, DETAIL
WATERWORKS series 2004-2006
Roads, coastlines and former inland seas flooded

Each piece is represented with AN OVERVIEW and A DETAIL